Pauline Sell Hellman, founder of Rebiome and a pioneering businesswoman dedicated to health, beauty and nature, has worked in the beauty, medical and aesthetics skincare industries for more than 30 years. Together with a team of committed colleagues, she began cosmetic distribution with just a few brands to offer. Now, 30 years later, Noscomed Medical Supply provides the Nordic region with complementary product lines for a broad range of skincare needs. Over the years, her dream of creating a cutting-edge, microbiome skincare line that marries active, natural ingredients and sustainability with affordability began to take shape. The result is Rebiome, a vision rooted in our heritage and passion

Why Rebiome?

Pauline’s dedication to her craft and daily interactions with skilled cosmetologists, beauticians, dermatologists and loyal customers has led her mission to create Rebiome. Based on decades-long know-how and vital insights, it seemed only natural to create a product line that works to strengthen the health of the skin by restoring its natural microbiome.

We believe that living in synergy with nature is fundamental to skin health. Through a scientific approach, the skin microbiome is cultivated to achieve renewed balance. As its portmanteau name suggests, Rebiome™ is a pioneering new brand at the forefront of skin microbiome restoration and rebalance. Each product name reflects this vision, too: ReFresh, ReJuvenate, ReGlow, ReBoost, ReOptimize, ReEnforce, ReMoisturize, ReFence, ReVitalize, ReSurface, ReBalance.

Balanced, healthy skin
Reboot your skin to its natural, healthy balance with our microbiome-friendly formula.
Affordable luxury
High-end, beautifying skincare at an affordable price.
Powerful ingredients
Dermatologically tested, high-quality actives, natural ingredients with unparalleled pre- and probiotic properties.
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