ReBalance your skin

Strengthen your skin by rebalancing your natural microbiome

A microbiome skincare range

Rebiome is a multifunctional skin rebalancing line of 10 products with state-of-the art pre- and probiotic complexes. Their multifunctionality has a broad target and can be used for all skin types and many different skin conditions. 

Consider the Rebiome ingredients as the "food" and important nutrients needed to increase and strengthen the good bacteria and the skin microbiome.

Rebiome comes with numbered product labels from #1 to #6 accordingly with what order to use it for your everyday skin routine -  and once a week you peel.

Science meets Nature

Rebiome’s pioneering Pre- and Probiotic Complex cultivates your skin flora with active ingredients that balance and boost your skin's microbiome.

The product range is filled with pre- and probiotics that stimulate and support your skin’s good bacteria to maintain healthy skin, reduce the signs of aging and restore dry, itchy and unbalanced skin. 

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Simplicity in choice
Skincare of all skin conditions, skin types, ages or genders. Easy-to-use and multifunctional.
Balanced, healthy skin
Reboot your skin to its natural, healthy balance with our microbiome-friendly formula
Powerful ingredients
Dermatologically tested, high-quality actives, natural ingredients with unparalleled pre- and probiotic properties
Nature-friendly, focus, on making the best possible effort to be environmentally sustainable. 100% Vegan and Cruelty-free.
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