High-performance microbiome skincare

Shaped by nature, evolved by science.

Rebiome. Reboot your skin to its natural, healthy state.

Rebiome is a high-performing synbiotic – a cutting-edge blend of pre- and probiotics that work together to restore the skin’s microbiome to its natural, healthy state.

But why is the skin microbiome important? And what are prebiotics and probiotics? Read on to learn more about Rebiome’s unique formula and how it can make a difference to the health and look of your skin.

What is the skin microbiome?

The skin is the body's largest organ, consisting of skin cells and individual skin flora, also called the skin microbiome. The skin microbiome is an ecosystem of microorganisms that naturally reside in their trillions on the skin. We all live in a natural symbiosis with bacteria that live on the surface of the skin, invisible to the naked eye. The skin microbiome represents approximately 21% of our total body microbiome. It is the first line of defence against infection, defining the health of the skin and providing a protective barrier against pathogens and other external factors that can attack and damage health. An unbalanced microbiome can lead to skin conditions such as dry, sensitive skin or even inflammatory skin diseases such as acne or atopic dermatitis.

A healthy microbiome equals healthy skin.

What types of microorganisms live on the skin?

Beneficial Transforming food stuffs to feed the harmless bacteria on the skin, these create the healthy processes vital to human cells.
Harmless Eating and consuming in a normal process, they are useful and live in peaceful co-existence with one another.
Opportunistic When strong and in large amounts, these microorganisms look to take over. They are typically non-pathogenic, but in certain circumstances – such as a supressed immune system – they can be pathogenic and will attack the skin, leading to damage and/or disease.
Pathogenic With the sole purpose of causing disease, these microorganisms harm and destroy the skin, especially if already weakened.

Why is this important?

The presence of sufficient beneficial microorganisms on the skin is linked to numerous health benefits. They produce helpful lactic acids that strengthen the structure of the skin and protect it against harmful pathogens. A high percentage of good bacteria is passed from mother to baby during childbirth and those delivered via caesarean often lack in beneficial maternal bacteria. Childhood environmental factors, including where in the world you live, the level of hygiene in the home and whether you keep animals, all influence the skin, too.

Pre- and probiotics and the skin microbiome.

International research undertaken by the 2012 Human Microbiome Project highlights the significant role bacteria plays in skin health and aging.

Imparting new knowledge and potentially forming the basis for rewriting dermatological textbooks, the research shows a natural connection between the skin's microbiome and skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis, rosacea and atopic dermatitis, which was not clearly understood before now. At the same time, beautifying skincare treatment with probiotic bacteria to maintain optimal moisture and counteract wrinkles was also deemed by the research to be highly efficacious.
Rebiome uses this knowledge to create a high-performance skincare line that stimulates and nourishes the skin microbiome to restore and reinforce the skin’s natural balance.

A lack of amount and diversity among beneficial microorganisms is equal to a weakened skin microbiome. When this occurs, the interrelationship between "good" and "bad" bacteria is disturbed, leading to unbalanced, unhealthy skin due to a weakened barrier. This in turn leads to a range of issues including dehydration, dry, itchy, flaky skin, prevalent wrinkles, reduced elasticity, premature aging and inflammation associated with increased sensitivity, pimples and acne. It is also not uncommon for the skin to develop atopic dermatitis or rosacea.
Feeding your skin flora with dedicated and natural skin microbiome ingredients such as pre- and postbiotics will positively impact the microorganisms and strengthen your skin's natural barrier while balancing pH levels.

Rebiome helps to balance and strengthen the skin, restoring it to its natural beauty.

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