Green your skin routine

You can rest assured that we take sustainability seriously. We believe that it is not too much to ask for skincare to be sustainable, vegan and environmentally friendly, protecting both skin and planet.

From the outset, Rebiome has aspired to be as sustainable as possible. We work consistently towards our sustainable goals, ensuring both production and products are environmentally responsible and our environmental footprint is reduced. From the natural origin of our ingredients to eco-friendly product certifications, FSC™-certified packaging and low-emission transportation, everything we do is with sustainability in mind.

We approach sustainability holistically and our cradle to grave approach even covers how to recycle empty product packaging.

Eco-friendly, natural ingredients

You can safely use Rebiome as it is formulated with the finest, natural ingredients that care for the skin. Each carefully chosen active has documented results and benefits the skin in multiple ways.

Comprising ingredients primarily of botanical origin, including fruit, ferment and algae extracts, floral waters and vegetable oils, as well as bio actives and natural humectants, Rebiome nourishes the skin. Powerful antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and proteins complete the formula, hydrating, soothing and refining the skin. Preferred ingredients are in-cosmetics® Best Ingredient Awards-certified or COSMOS approved by Ecocert Raw Material, of 100% plant origin and some are even organic.

Regardless of the condition of your skin, whether dry, oily, sensitive or other, Rebiome works to restore and refine it.

Microbiome-friendly ingredients

Rebiome is skin food. The skin microbiome-friendly formula supplies the skin microbiome with balancing and boosting natural ingredients. That's what we say Reboot your Skin.

Probiotic bacteria

Nature is powerful. Natural bacteria can help to reinforce and reblanace the skin microbiome. Rebiome uses a patented, live probiotic string of Lactobacillus (m.biome LIVESKIN88™).

Silicone substitute

We mean it when we say that Rebiome is safe and healthy to use. We have replaced synthetic silicone, used in many skincare products for its softening and smoothing effect, with a natural alternative derived from vegetables. Plantsil is a low viscosity oil that easily spreads on skin to protect its natural barrier and leave skin feeling silky soft.

Ocean- and coral reef-friendly

Some sun creams contain ingredients that damage delicate coral reef systems. Rebiome sunscreen filters do not harm the ocean and are coral reef-friendly.


The fragrance we use is allergen-free, freshly scented and carefully chosen with “no allergens in the formula from the 26 known fragrance allergens declared by the EU to avoid.”

Many sidestep skincare products that contain perfume, and green products can often smell different to conventional products. However, many of us want a subtle hint of fragrance in order to smell good and feel good. Our fragrance is safe and natural, as well as supportive of the skin microbiome.

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