Reboot your skin 21-day Bootcamp

Reboot your skin is our 21-day superior active skincare treatment for face and décolleté.
By adding beneficial live probiotic bacteria, the bootcamp is designed to provide a healthier and balanced skin flora. The bootcamp is suitable for sensitive, acne-prone, reddish, hyperpigmented and aged skin. “Reboot you skin” 21-day Bootcamp leaves the skin balanced, strengthened and with increased hydration and tightness.
Your “Reboot you skin” bootcamp starts at your skincare clinic.

3-step wellness treatment

- Skin Cleansing & scented experience

- Skin Peeling - Combined enzyme and exfoliating peeling including light massage

- Skin Rebalancing – adding good live probiotics as a leave-on mask

Due to the unique patented delivery system, we guarantee 8 billion good live probiotics at the time of activation.

The in-clinic treatment is followed-up by an “At home treatment” 21-day bootcamp and potentially weekly follow-up in the clinic.

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